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Borough of Emmaus
Zoning & Codes Department

Zoning & Codes Staff

Protective Helmet

Building Inspections/ Codes

Rob Hammond, BCO

Blades of Grass

Codes Official

Brent Reed

Taking Notes

Administrative Assistant 

Paula Weiant


Useful Documents

Zoning/Building Permit  Application

Plumbing Permit

Electrical Permit

Master Plumbers License

Mechanical Permit

Street Excavation

Food Service Permit

Curb & Sidewalk Permit

Temporary Sign Permit

Zoning Hearing Board Application

Building Board of Appeals

Conditional Use 

Subdivision & Land Development

Abandoned/ Blighted Property Register 

Flood Plain Application

Rental Inspection Checklist - Single Family

Rental Inspection Checklist - Multi Family


On the Books

Zoning Ordinance

The Zoning Ordinance helps to manage development throughout the Borough.  

Code Enforcement

The code enforcement aspect of the code of ordinances pertains to the preservation of quality of life and helps to enforce the property maintenance requirements for properties within the Borough.

Ordinance Book

Find our complete book of ordinances on the General Code- ecode platform linked below. Ordinances are added yearly to the ecode site. Please reach out to the Borough Office for copies of more recently passed ordinances. 

Rental Permit Application 

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